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                                                                   RADIO ZIG FM ZIGUINCHOR


ZIG FM Radio has been established in Ziguinchor since March 23, 2009.

It covers the three regions of Casamance (Sedhiou, Kolda, Ziguinchor), also the subregion, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

ZIG FM has a varied program schedule, which takes into account Casamance’s cultural diversity, information editions with a large share of the news in Casamance and in the sub-region.

Joola, Mandinka, Baϊnouk, Balante, Fulani, Wolof and Creole, Manjacque, Serere, the main sociocultures of Casamance.

We pay special attention to the promotion of our cultural values ​​and the journal of culture and cultural diversity.


  • The return of peace in Casamance with the program « Crossroads of Peace » which gives the floor to the actors concerned to « free speech » and to allow dialogue and communication.
  • Support for development actions by the State and its partners
  • Awareness campaigns and communication on the issues and challenges that challenge us.
  • Education for citizenship and citizenship
  • Education for the respect of the institutions and the symbols of the Republic
  • Dialogue between political actors in charge of the city

Casamance, Zig Fm also settled in Fouladou including Kolda where there is a regional station that emits 100.3.

The installation of this radio makes it possible to complete the mesh of the Casamance.


Radio  ZIG FM , will be a tool of social participation for social components of different communities. The purpose of this radio station is to serve as a tool for local community-based social and cultural beliefs and values, to promote peace, cultural renewal and development in each of the settlement areas.

The role of the generalist in the field of population and the role of the population in the development of traditional knowledge and the cultural inheritance of their soil, to accompany the initiatives of promoting peace and development. To maintain this course, the ZIG FM radio   will generate and maintain the participation of all layers of local populations in the management and operation of the radio.

In short, the mission of the radio   »  ZIG FM   » is essentially educational, recreational and cultural which proposes to participate in the emergence and the blossoming of a citizen imbued with the socio-cultural values ​​of its soil in a plural, integrated society and harmonious.




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